Top 3 Sites for Shopping iPhone Cases That Are Actually Chic

I see plain, boring phone cases ALL THE TIME.

It made me start to wonder why celebrities are the only ones making a fashion statement out of their ‘bring everywhere’ accessory. I should be doing this too!! Dang it, Gigi.

But after doing a little research, I realized the issue. There’s a huge lack of chic and affordable tech accessories for online shoppers to choose from.

It’s really difficult (not to mention time consuming) to dig through all the tacky, ugly, boring cases online to finally find one that you may just KIND OF like. Oh, and stay away from Amazon. Trust me, that site is a black hole for iPhone case shopping. Do. Not. Enter.

After Amazon and a few of my other go-to sites gave me nothing, I was at a loss.

Then, I remembered Kendall Jenner’s signature “Goodbye” iPhone case (it makes an appearance on KUWTK regularly… not that I’m a big fan or anything…). I was really surprised at how affordable it was and how easily I found it. Thank you, Google.

This phone case is from: and ranges from $19 to $30

Kendall’s phone case is from: and the price ranges from $19 to $30.

This leads me to #1 on my list:

The style of products offered by Redbubble is pretty retro. Get ready for styles that are sarcastic, bright, opinionated and kind of, well, in your face. Here are a few of my favorite phone cases from Redbubble. Click the images to shop!

I can’t look at this case without Ariana Grande’s NASA song getting stuck in my head. So if you need some spaaaace, grab this case and start singing.

I can’t get over how much this looks like a real gameboy. Who makes this stuff?!

Ok, maybe I’m addicted to music but whenever I see THIS case another song pops into my head. Ya know, the one by Maren Morris called GIRL?… Yeah, that one.

No songs coming to mind yet.

#2: ShopBop was a site I had almost forgotten about when I was doing my little phone case search. But I’m soooo glad it finally came to mind because ShopBop sells cases by luxury brands like KENZO, Off White and Moschino. These were the only luxury brands that made cases that weren’t INSANELY expensive or boring. Gucci, step your game up!

Below are a few of my favorites. But if you don’t see one you love, its easy to browse through the rest of Shopbop’s cases on their website. The site only offers 2 pages worth of iPhone cases (compared to thousands on Redbubble).

#3: BaubleBar

I love bauble bar because their customization options are SO cute and expansive. Plus they won’t break the bank. The only negative is the 5 week wait time between order placement and its arrival on your doorstep.

Check out how cute these colorful cases are! There are lots more on the site, too, and the customization options are practically endless.

OK, so I saved my favorite case for last. It’s supa cool and fierce.

Find this case by KENZO on

Iphone XS / X Case by KENZO

I really hope ya’ll found this helpful so you can up your phone swag. Now I’m proud of my wear-everywhere accessory.

Are there any other sites where you’ve found good tech accessories? If so, I would love to hear about them!

Thanks for reading!

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