Where NOT to Shop for Home Decor Online

I’m a researcher.

Well, I’m a researcher when it comes to shopping and finding deals. You best believe that if I find a product I LOVE, I’m gonna do some digging before I commit to paying the price I originally found it for.

That being said, have you ever seen a product in store that you ADORE, but you’re having one of those responsible days when you talk yourself out of spending money on it because you’re Suuuuuure you’ll find something you like better or is less expensive?

To be 100% honest here, those ‘responsible days’ don’t happen to me often. And you wanna know why? Ok, I’m gonna tell you either way. It’s because when it’s love at first sight, I have never (and I mean never EVER) found that product again for that same price. Or, sometimes, I never find it again PERIOD. And then I dream about it, think about how much better my life would be with that piece gracing my closet or my bedroom or my…. you know what I mean. It’s pretty unhealthy.

But, if you get absolutely nothing out of this article, I want you to get this: If you find a product that is a literal show stopper, don’t just brush it off. Cut back other places to make financial room for this piece if necessary. Because, more often than not, you will really regret not taking the leap of faith and running to the cash register with your new prized possession in hand.

As I mentioned before, this has happened to me multiple times in the past, but I wanted to share one specific occasion with you guys because this example is a great lesson to learn from.

THE STORY IS…. I spotted this insanely cool pillow at a local home decor store in Greenville, SC. I picked it up, checked the price ($68) and swooned over it’s unique pattern and gorgeous color scheme. Then, I did then unthinkable. I left without it.

(I mean $68 is kind of a lot for a pillow, but in hindsight I’ve spent more than $68 worth of my time thinking about that dang pillow anyway.)

Now I’m super nervous you’re gonna think this pillow is hideous because I’ve talked it up so much, but this article really is more about WHERE to find the best home decor prices anyway.

The brand is D.V. Kap and, trust me, this is the place to go for show-stopping throw pillows no matter what your style.

The first place I found this pillow online was (of course) the most expensive:

Prices of Nordstrom home decor

I learned my lesson immediately. NEVER shop from Nordstrom for home decor. Like, never ever EVER.

The second place I looked was squarefeathers.com.

$238?! I was losing hope. But, I was still SO in love with this pillow that I kept searching.

The only other place I found it was on Perigold.


Yes, $153 is still SUPA expensive for a throw pillow, but I’m so glad I did the research and realized that when home decor shopping, Perigold is the place to start.

Shop this decor pillow here!

In my next post I’ll be comparing the best pay-by-the-month glam, beauty and clothing boxes. I’ve tried a good many, so be sure to check back to see what I found out!

Thanks for reading guys 🙂

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