Website of the Week

Okay, so I’m an avid online shopper. I’m constantly finding cool e-commerce sites that I love sharing with other people. I’m all about helping good small businesses gain traction, especially if they are super unique or have a really solid mission. There are way more out there than you would think!

This week I wanted to highlight this super trendy e-commerce site, Sisters and Seekers. Even though they are based out of the UK, the brand has a very Kardashian/East Coast vibe.

Some of their clothes remind me of Kourtney Kardashian straight CALLING OUT her sister, Kim, for “looking like she just biked in the Tour de France” when Kim wears some of her Yeezy Collection clothes. (Circa Keeping Up with the Kardashians, 2018.) Sorry, I hate that I love that show.

I know, she’s great.

ANYWAY, Sisters and Seekers kills the trending street style game. All of their merchandise is SUPER affordable considering they are the only e-commerce site that I’ve found that sells looks like these. So you’ll be on trend, not broke, and NOT embarrassingly matching your friends at the next girls’ dinner.

Here are my favorite pieces off the site… but they have a ton more! Click the image or the links below to shop.

*Styling note: I would pair all of the same colors together in the same outfit to create a monochromatic look. The light mocha shade is my faaaave.

“Smoke Top”
The “Apologies Tee”
This one is in my bag and ready for check out. Black (or white) bike shorts, or denim cutoffs, would go perfectly with this oversized look. Add a sneaker and you’re good.
The “Raider Top”
Also in my cart.
“Flashlight Jacket”
This is very ‘street style trends of 2019‘. Plus, it would look cute paired with almost any bottom.

Be sure to check out because they have a lot more where this came from.

Oh, and get your bike ready! Tour de France here we come.

Check back next week for some of my own looks, along with another “Website of the Week”.