Best Amazon Shops for Boho Chic Home Shopping

Okay, so its official, Amazon sells EVERYTHING. And If they don’t sell if directly, then they can hook you up with a retailer that does.

What does this mean?

For me, it means product overload that leads to complete indecision on my part.

*Here’s a little personal life background to explain why I’ve been spending hours (and hours…) scouring the Internet for cool home stuff:

I just moved into a new apartment and I want more than anything for my new bedroom to look like it just came out of a look book for Lulu & Georgia or Anthropologie. Since I’m definitely still ballin’ on a budget, Amazon has proved to be a great resource for finding lots of options at a variety of price points.

Product shot for East at Main’s Amazon store

Thankfully, I’ve found a little bit of a way around this “product overload” issue — It’s by “Following” specific shops that match my design style and overall look I’m going for. I call it a little bit boho, a little bit Scandinavian, with a *touch of glam* I just really felt like glam needed some cute stars for emphasis).

Below is a list of my favorite Amazon stores and brands that I’ve found.

They have the best items at reasonable price points based on that “Scandinavian/Boho/Glam” design aesthetic I love so much. Oh, and I’ve found that using the Amazon shopping app on your phone is actually a little easier when comes to finding and following specific stores on Amazon.

  • Creative Co-op : This is a GREAT one for finding unique home decor and accessories. Plus, their list of Scandinavian/Boho furniture is incredible.
  • Kate and Laurel : This shop is great for home decor that appeals to a variety of styles.
  • Artistic Weavers : Awesome brand for affordable rugs and cool accent furniture, too. Very earthy with lots of Moroccan inspired patterns.
  • Decor Therapy : Looking for lighting or home accent furniture? Check out this store.
  • Main + Mesa : This is Boho/Scandi CITY. Follow this store for great interior inspo. Plus, lots of decorative accents like candles & candle holders, wall decor and shelving, pots & planters and some of my favorite lighting.
  • East at Main : Super Scandinavian style with a great collection of accent furniture. “Made for the Daydreamers”
  • CosmoLiving :

Let me know what ya’ll think about this list! Would you rather me include links to shop specific products? Or is it nice to look through what each of these stores has to offer?

I’m going to start sharing more of my online finds with links to shop as I write more posts.

What I’m Covering in my Next Post:


Yes, it’s confusing and overwhelming, but I’ve done a lot of the hard work for you. I’ll provide you with links to shop & tips on how to make finding the right rug online suck a little less.