About Follow the Breeze

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my site!!

I started this blog to speak to other women in their twenties who are struggling to find their calling in life — because I know I am.

It took me more time than I would like to admit to become confident enough in myself & my ideas to revamp my initial Fashion & Lifestyle website. Mostly because every blog I read and Instagram I followed seemed so perfect and organized, like life didn’t include bad days or imperfections.

I was striving so hard to be like those other blogs that I eventually stopped posting all together. I couldn’t write because it didn’t feel authentic to me. And I knew if I was tired of all the perfect content that was bombarding me, I probably wasn’t the only one.

Once I finally started talking to my friends about how different I felt like my life was going from the way that it “should be”, I received the same feedback from EVERY single woman. THANKFULLY, their feedback was that they felt exactly the same way.

I couldn’t believe it.

I couldn’t believe that no one was talking about this! And I couldn’t believe how long it had taken ME to open up about how confusing and scrambled my life felt after graduating college.


even if just one of you feels more seen and understood after reading my posts, that’s enough for me. For real! Because I still feel super lost and uncertain.

I guess the answer is to stop trying to live up to the “shoulds” that life constantly throws at us, and live our lives being authentically ourselves instead.

Let’s finally be real about it all! I’m honestly so sick of faking it. Together I think we can create a place of true understanding and acceptance for each of our unique life paths. If we all did what that world says we SHOULD do, we would lose all the awesome things that make us… US. It’s cheesy but true! And you you know it.

Please always remember that “You are you and that is your power.”

My new outlook and (continuing) acceptance of my flaws and idiosyncrasies led me to decide to reshape the content of this site —

while still talking about fashion and beauty, sprinkled with a bit of Charleston-based travel info; Follow the Breeze is gonna be a blog that branches out into deeper topics based on what my 20’s have been like, along with the struggles and successes of the girls around me. 

Ya’ll rock. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Email: breana@followthebreeze.com