Best Amazon Shops for Boho Chic Home Shopping

Okay, so its official, Amazon sells EVERYTHING. And If they don’t sell if directly, then they can hook you up with a retailer that does.

What does this mean?

For me, it means product overload that leads to complete indecision on my part.

*Here’s a little personal life background to explain why I’ve been spending hours (and hours…) scouring the Internet for cool home stuff:

I just moved into a new apartment and I want more than anything for my new bedroom to look like it just came out of a look book for Lulu & Georgia or Anthropologie. Since I’m definitely still ballin’ on a budget, Amazon has proved to be a great resource for finding lots of options at a variety of price points.

Product shot for East at Main’s Amazon store

Thankfully, I’ve found a little bit of a way around this “product overload” issue — It’s by “Following” specific shops that match my design style and overall look I’m going for. I call it a little bit boho, a little bit Scandinavian, with a *touch of glam* I just really felt like glam needed some cute stars for emphasis).

Below is a list of my favorite Amazon stores and brands that I’ve found.

They have the best items at reasonable price points based on that “Scandinavian/Boho/Glam” design aesthetic I love so much. Oh, and I’ve found that using the Amazon shopping app on your phone is actually a little easier when comes to finding and following specific stores on Amazon.

  • Creative Co-op : This is a GREAT one for finding unique home decor and accessories. Plus, their list of Scandinavian/Boho furniture is incredible.
  • Kate and Laurel : This shop is great for home decor that appeals to a variety of styles.
  • Artistic Weavers : Awesome brand for affordable rugs and cool accent furniture, too. Very earthy with lots of Moroccan inspired patterns.
  • Decor Therapy : Looking for lighting or home accent furniture? Check out this store.
  • Main + Mesa : This is Boho/Scandi CITY. Follow this store for great interior inspo. Plus, lots of decorative accents like candles & candle holders, wall decor and shelving, pots & planters and some of my favorite lighting.
  • East at Main : Super Scandinavian style with a great collection of accent furniture. “Made for the Daydreamers”
  • CosmoLiving :

Let me know what ya’ll think about this list! Would you rather me include links to shop specific products? Or is it nice to look through what each of these stores has to offer?

I’m going to start sharing more of my online finds with links to shop as I write more posts.

What I’m Covering in my Next Post:


Yes, it’s confusing and overwhelming, but I’ve done a lot of the hard work for you. I’ll provide you with links to shop & tips on how to make finding the right rug online suck a little less.

Website of the Week

Okay, so I’m an avid online shopper. I’m constantly finding cool e-commerce sites that I love sharing with other people. I’m all about helping good small businesses gain traction, especially if they are super unique or have a really solid mission. There are way more out there than you would think!

This week I wanted to highlight this super trendy e-commerce site, Sisters and Seekers. Even though they are based out of the UK, the brand has a very Kardashian/East Coast vibe.

Some of their clothes remind me of Kourtney Kardashian straight CALLING OUT her sister, Kim, for “looking like she just biked in the Tour de France” when Kim wears some of her Yeezy Collection clothes. (Circa Keeping Up with the Kardashians, 2018.) Sorry, I hate that I love that show.

I know, she’s great.

ANYWAY, Sisters and Seekers kills the trending street style game. All of their merchandise is SUPER affordable considering they are the only e-commerce site that I’ve found that sells looks like these. So you’ll be on trend, not broke, and NOT embarrassingly matching your friends at the next girls’ dinner.

Here are my favorite pieces off the site… but they have a ton more! Click the image or the links below to shop.

*Styling note: I would pair all of the same colors together in the same outfit to create a monochromatic look. The light mocha shade is my faaaave.

“Smoke Top”
The “Apologies Tee”
This one is in my bag and ready for check out. Black (or white) bike shorts, or denim cutoffs, would go perfectly with this oversized look. Add a sneaker and you’re good.
The “Raider Top”
Also in my cart.
“Flashlight Jacket”
This is very ‘street style trends of 2019‘. Plus, it would look cute paired with almost any bottom.

Be sure to check out because they have a lot more where this came from.

Oh, and get your bike ready! Tour de France here we come.

Check back next week for some of my own looks, along with another “Website of the Week”.

How ‘Just Fab’ is Stepping Up Their Product Game

I recently was asked to do a promotion/collaboration with Just Fab, and, to be honest, I wasn’t super excited at first.

The last time I had checked out the company, they only sold shoes and not many of them were my style. But I was surprised to find out that Just Fab has REALLY upped their game. Their shoe collection is BOMB, not to mention incredibly affordable. PLUS they sell clothes and other accessories now too!

For the collaboration, I got to choose any denim item from the site to promote their denim BOGO sale on July 26th. I didn’t want to go with the easy option of denim shorts or jeans, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and chose a pair of overalls.


*Overalls from Just Fab

*Blouse by Joie — It’s vintage, so I haven’t been able to find it but I’ll keep looking!

*Black choker from Urban Outfitters

Where NOT to Shop for Home Decor Online

I’m a researcher.

Well, I’m a researcher when it comes to shopping and finding deals. You best believe that if I find a product I LOVE, I’m gonna do some digging before I commit to paying the price I originally found it for.

That being said, have you ever seen a product in store that you ADORE, but you’re having one of those responsible days when you talk yourself out of spending money on it because you’re Suuuuuure you’ll find something you like better or is less expensive?

To be 100% honest here, those ‘responsible days’ don’t happen to me often. And you wanna know why? Ok, I’m gonna tell you either way. It’s because when it’s love at first sight, I have never (and I mean never EVER) found that product again for that same price. Or, sometimes, I never find it again PERIOD. And then I dream about it, think about how much better my life would be with that piece gracing my closet or my bedroom or my…. you know what I mean. It’s pretty unhealthy.

But, if you get absolutely nothing out of this article, I want you to get this: If you find a product that is a literal show stopper, don’t just brush it off. Cut back other places to make financial room for this piece if necessary. Because, more often than not, you will really regret not taking the leap of faith and running to the cash register with your new prized possession in hand.

As I mentioned before, this has happened to me multiple times in the past, but I wanted to share one specific occasion with you guys because this example is a great lesson to learn from.

THE STORY IS…. I spotted this insanely cool pillow at a local home decor store in Greenville, SC. I picked it up, checked the price ($68) and swooned over it’s unique pattern and gorgeous color scheme. Then, I did then unthinkable. I left without it.

(I mean $68 is kind of a lot for a pillow, but in hindsight I’ve spent more than $68 worth of my time thinking about that dang pillow anyway.)

Now I’m super nervous you’re gonna think this pillow is hideous because I’ve talked it up so much, but this article really is more about WHERE to find the best home decor prices anyway.

The brand is D.V. Kap and, trust me, this is the place to go for show-stopping throw pillows no matter what your style.

The first place I found this pillow online was (of course) the most expensive:

Prices of Nordstrom home decor

I learned my lesson immediately. NEVER shop from Nordstrom for home decor. Like, never ever EVER.

The second place I looked was

$238?! I was losing hope. But, I was still SO in love with this pillow that I kept searching.

The only other place I found it was on Perigold.


Yes, $153 is still SUPA expensive for a throw pillow, but I’m so glad I did the research and realized that when home decor shopping, Perigold is the place to start.

Shop this decor pillow here!

In my next post I’ll be comparing the best pay-by-the-month glam, beauty and clothing boxes. I’ve tried a good many, so be sure to check back to see what I found out!

Thanks for reading guys 🙂

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Top 3 Sites for Shopping iPhone Cases That Are Actually Chic

I see plain, boring phone cases ALL THE TIME.

It made me start to wonder why celebrities are the only ones making a fashion statement out of their ‘bring everywhere’ accessory. I should be doing this too!! Dang it, Gigi.

But after doing a little research, I realized the issue. There’s a huge lack of chic and affordable tech accessories for online shoppers to choose from.

It’s really difficult (not to mention time consuming) to dig through all the tacky, ugly, boring cases online to finally find one that you may just KIND OF like. Oh, and stay away from Amazon. Trust me, that site is a black hole for iPhone case shopping. Do. Not. Enter.

After Amazon and a few of my other go-to sites gave me nothing, I was at a loss.

Then, I remembered Kendall Jenner’s signature “Goodbye” iPhone case (it makes an appearance on KUWTK regularly… not that I’m a big fan or anything…). I was really surprised at how affordable it was and how easily I found it. Thank you, Google.

This phone case is from: and ranges from $19 to $30

Kendall’s phone case is from: and the price ranges from $19 to $30.

This leads me to #1 on my list:

The style of products offered by Redbubble is pretty retro. Get ready for styles that are sarcastic, bright, opinionated and kind of, well, in your face. Here are a few of my favorite phone cases from Redbubble. Click the images to shop!

I can’t look at this case without Ariana Grande’s NASA song getting stuck in my head. So if you need some spaaaace, grab this case and start singing.

I can’t get over how much this looks like a real gameboy. Who makes this stuff?!

Ok, maybe I’m addicted to music but whenever I see THIS case another song pops into my head. Ya know, the one by Maren Morris called GIRL?… Yeah, that one.

No songs coming to mind yet.

#2: ShopBop was a site I had almost forgotten about when I was doing my little phone case search. But I’m soooo glad it finally came to mind because ShopBop sells cases by luxury brands like KENZO, Off White and Moschino. These were the only luxury brands that made cases that weren’t INSANELY expensive or boring. Gucci, step your game up!

Below are a few of my favorites. But if you don’t see one you love, its easy to browse through the rest of Shopbop’s cases on their website. The site only offers 2 pages worth of iPhone cases (compared to thousands on Redbubble).

#3: BaubleBar

I love bauble bar because their customization options are SO cute and expansive. Plus they won’t break the bank. The only negative is the 5 week wait time between order placement and its arrival on your doorstep.

Check out how cute these colorful cases are! There are lots more on the site, too, and the customization options are practically endless.

OK, so I saved my favorite case for last. It’s supa cool and fierce.

Find this case by KENZO on

Iphone XS / X Case by KENZO

I really hope ya’ll found this helpful so you can up your phone swag. Now I’m proud of my wear-everywhere accessory.

Are there any other sites where you’ve found good tech accessories? If so, I would love to hear about them!

Thanks for reading!

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The Black Dress I’ll Wear for Life

I wish I loved everything in my closet as much as I love this dress by Paige. And the funny thing is, I didn’t even buy it after I tried it on for the first time. I thought it was a little pricey, so I wanted to shop around Soho for a few more hours to see if I could find anything I liked as much that was less expensive. But Soho had other plans, and thank goodness my size was still hanging on the rack in Olive & Betty’s when I came back later in the day.

I even tried it on for a second time to try to talk myself out of it…. that obviously didn’t work. I’m SO glad I ended up making this purchase, though, because I’ve worn this dress like CRAZY. Plus, it looks extra dope with a wide-brimmed hat and stilettos (heart eye emoji).

Scroll down for a closer look at all the cool details on the dress.

Burgundy felt hat by BCBG.

All photos taken by Blake Schultz

How to Layer Neutrals Like a Pro

​Ever since wearing this outfit for a photoshoot a few weeks ago, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of pairing monochromatic neutrals. It’s subtle, yet fun and extra classy. Pair this tone-downed look with fun accessories like sunglasses or a statement earring to bring the entire outfit together.
The majority of this look can be found at Maris Dehart in downtown Charleston, SC or on

cream jacket 2 md
cream jacket md
back cream jacket md
Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.40.24 PM

Jacket, blouse, sunglasses: Maris Dehart (women’s boutique in downtown Charleston, SC)

Jeans: Black Orchid Denim 

Black Orchid  is one of my go-to brands for denim right now. Their high rise actually covers your belly button, and they have some super unique patterns and denim washes that are eye-catching without being over-the-top. And that’s exactly how I like to play it.

Shoes: Sam Edelman

I never knew I could pull off so many layers of toned-down color, but now I’m obsessed with how crisp and effortless it looks. My favorite part: you don’t have to worry about matching each color perfectly!

(Oh, and shout out to my toenails for keeping with the monochrome theme. They stylishh.)